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Thanks to everyone who heloped with erecting the electric fence and wardening over the weekend: Billy Clark, Patricia Fuentes, Dominic Hartigan, Anto Kerns, Larry lenehan, Tony Glass, Maurice Connaghy, Kieran Campbell, Matthew Byrne, Ray McElhinney, Tony Brothwood, Brendan Carthy, Dominica, Paddy  and others.

On Sunday evening I had a count of 29 birds, of which seven or eight were paired and four were sitting for extended periods at the south end, some just outside the fence. Of the adults I was able to assess two were unringed and four were ringed. Over two hours i didn’t see one bird carrying fish or courting with fish. A pair was observed copulating on Saturday, suggesting a laying date around five days later, hopefully after the spring tide predicted for the 26th-28th May.

On the funding front, Louth County Council have released the first tranche of funds to cover setup costs.