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Keep up to date with the little terns

A Good Year for Terns

We reckon about 50 chicks fledged in the end, 48 of them ringed. This is a successful season compared to the last three years. To give it context most other tern sites in the irish sea were very successful this year probably due to a combination of good weather, right...

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Forty Three Rings

Peak colony count so far of 100 birds on 21st June and 80 on 9th July. Forty-two Little Tern chicks have been BTO metal ringed (one also colour ringed) and three Ringed Plover chicks BTO metal ringed between 6th and 10th July, with thanks to Jen Lynch (NPWS) for her...

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Twenty-five Chicks and Counting

Over the weekend we managed to ring 25 chicks (thanks to Jen and Niall) with further to come. Right now there are at least 30 nests and at least 32 chicks. A cohort of around 42 non-breeders are hanging around but may well start in the next few days; courtship...

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First Chick Hatched

The first chick hatched this morning which will probably unleash a huge uptick in activity with at least 36 nests and 83 eggs. As the chicks hatch the demand for food will hugely increase involving both parents fishing along the channel or at the bar. Normally this...

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Critical two weeks ahead

The next two weeks will be critical with at least active 29 nests and hatching expected any day now. in particular we need volunteers who can do some wardening at the weekend, when the beach area is increasingly busy with walkers, swimmers, dogs etc. Wardens just need...

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Volunteers needed!

We finally got all our fencing in place last week but we need volunteers. We have a small number of nests with a small number of hanger-on's who so far seem undecided; in years past these have sometimes gone on to lay and sometimes gone elsewhere. They are feeding...

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