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Keep up to date with the little terns

Numbers building

Yesterday morning we had over 100 little terns flying around the site before it settled down to the 30 who seem to have established. We have so far found eight nests, one egg each. from now until end July we will need all the volunteers we can find. Our sister colony...

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We are seeing up to 34 little terns active in the site, all of which were feeding in the estuary and catching large sand eels (likely on the incoming tide), overflying the colony and displaying, behaviour typical of preparations to pair and next. In previous days...

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Some arrivals

Over the last few days variable numbers of little terns have come an d gone, behaviour consistent with prospecting for a breeding site. Max count is 24 birds so far. However close observations have shown that they are not finding fish. Typically at this point males...

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We won the Lotto!

No quite but we did win the Good Causes Heritage category from the National Lottery:https://www.lottery.ie/good-causes-awards-county-winners-2019 Now all we have to do is win the national. Thanks to everyone for their efforts in particular Dominic Hartigan who did the...

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Little terns 2019

We will be doing some work on the fencing tomorrow morning, Saturday 11th May from around 10. It involves erecting the fence and some signage. Maurice and Dominic will be coordinating. A few little terns have showed up, variable numbers but max is 40 on the 8th. They...

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Dawn Chorus 2019

We will med at the car park at the Ballymascanlon Hotel at 5am and walk the perimeter starting towards the west and looping around the dolmen and back down along the river. All are welcome See you there! Breffni

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