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This year the Louth Nature Trust has contracted Birdwatch Ireland to manage the Baltray site. Lead ornithologist for the project this year is Domhnall Finch from Birdwatch Ireland ; Domhnall will be organising a roster of volunteers once the little terns start to settle, probably over the next week or so. Please contact Domhnall at conservation@birdwatchireland.ie, phone 085 1511252 or the main LNT phone, which is 086 2434874.

To date all of the flexinetting is up as well as the outer cordon (we have opted not to use chicken wire this year, and to avoid use of a digger in order to minimise impact on the dune habitat). The fencing is extensive, stretching ot over 700 metres on the landward side. The elecrtric fencing will be erected next weekend and we would be requesting volunteers to help with this from 10am Saturday 18th May.

A maximum of 28 little terns were seen mid afternoon on Saturday. On Sunday the max count was 24 birds with 16 birds seen mid-afternoon. Birds are in the preliminary stages of courtship and next prospection.

At 4pm a rather confused looking flock of 32 brent geese wheeled over the site before deciding to head south! On the flora front, the eyebright is in full bloom, the sandwort is starting to show, as is the tufted vetch.

This morning just five birds were seen, however one pair appears to have settled at the north end of the enclosure.